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What Clients Say

“Manjiri has supported me in the journey of my self-exploration from a point of anxiety about my career and future to a point of clarity. The good part for me is that she was not suggesting the solutions. The solutions lay within me and she helped in digging that out from me. The sessions were engaging and helped me think with clarity. The action taken away from each session is really good as it keeps the focus in the time between sessions. Overall I am glad I sought her support.”
Manufacturing Industry Leader

Manjiri Jawadekar is a fabulous coach, she has the unique ability to help people take deep dive, pause and reflect. She helped me overcome my fears when I was leaving my job after many years and was anxious about how I would manage in life as I wanted to start my own consultancy business. Also, she helped in defining my Goals and objective clearly and clear my thoughts limiting my self-belief which helped me to focus. She has a lot of experience and very good motivational coach. Her understanding of how to get the best out of candidates is extremely good. She has been quite helpful to me and very easily approachable. I would highly recommend her name to anyone

Rohit Maheshwari

President Finance

” I started working with Manjiri at a crucial point in my life and professional career. I’d just been promoted to a senior leadership position, and while I was confident in my own area of expertise, I had reservations about my ability to lead a team and needed help defining my next phase of personal growth. Manjiri helped me unpack these reservations and frame them as experiments I could begin trying out. I was able to separate myself from the anxiety of not knowing, and focus on each experiment independently. I soon gained more confidence, and now have much more faith in my own abilities. No doubt there will be new challenges down the line, but Manjiri’s guidance with this phase shift truly made a difference in my own development and journey “

Arvind Radhakrishnan

Head of WeWork Labs, WeWork India

Manjiri was my Life Coach during 2022 and it was one of the great journey which has helped me to transform into my best version. It was like doing an Inner Engineering Crash Course. We have solutions to all life challenges/situations and it’s within ourselves, the kind of questions Manjiri probes will trigger the answers from your own database. I like the way she gives time to think about before rushing with the response, this one habit if applied effectively in our daily routine can definitely give more peace to our life. I strongly recommend her as she is a professional and highly skilled in her coaching.

Sugumar Ramdas

“Manjiri has supported me in the journey of my self-exploration from a point of anxiety about my career and future to a point of clarity. The good part for me is that she was not suggesting the solutions. The solutions lay within me and she helped in digging that out from me. The sessions were engaging and helped me think with clarity. The action taken away from each session is really good as it keeps the focus in the time between sessions. Overall I am glad I sought her support.”

Manufacturing Industry Leader

Manufacturing Industry


I was nominated for coaching to explore new potentials and overcome inhibitions and shortcomings. During my interactions with Mrs. Manjiri Jawadekar, I wanted to improve my Listening skills & move from Perfection to Timely decision-making. Also, I could not appreciate someone without any big reason. With continuous coaching, I could open up myself and I overcome the above shortcomings successfully. The coaching session with Mrs. Manjiri was mind-opening and helped me on a long-term basis. In short, it was my life-changing experience and I wanted to thank her for creating a new ME!

Segment Management National IWS-Automotive Robotics

Fronius India Pvt. Ltd

Manjiri is a great coach .She helped me to get clarity when I was seeking for help to transition into a new persona and she helped me work on becoming aware of my core belief systems and values.

Ranjini Rao


Recently Reivent Coaching and Consulting, has conducted a coaching program on Leadership skills in our organization and I got the opportunity to participate in this. This program was well set for Functional Heads Like me and it actually helped me a lot in redefining my new role. During the program, I really enjoyed all the situations and learnt lots from it. This is quite refreshing and very interesting. Also I personally found this program is incredibly useful and everything is particularly relevant to me. I will definitely put the ideas snatched, into practice. I intensely recommend Ms. Manjiri Jawadekar, to all professionals who are adventurous for their new role & Organizations who are willing to change themselves to achieve higher success in all areas of operations.

Vijay Kulkarni


Manjiri has been my personal human compass all throughout my sessions with her. Calling her my lifes coach would be an understatement. Manjiri can be best described as a powerful mirror, who would help people to see themselves more clearly during their interactions with her. With her gentle approach and expert guidance, I have been able to throw light at areas in my life that I had initially deemed unimportant; Manjiri made me realize the real value of those areas. She identifies an individuals strengths and works with them. She relentlessly follows up with her Clients on a timely basis between her sessions. This enables Clients to keep track of their goals quite effortlessly. Friendly, professional, approachable and congenial, Manjiri ensures Client delight. I would gladly recommend Manjiri to people.


Project Leader

It would be impossible to count all the ways that the two months of coaching has helped me in my career. From weakness to strength, from fear to confidence, from whining to gratitude, you helped me see the good in myself and everything around, to overcome situations and to face the world with a bit more confidence and a smile. I have truly come a long way ever since. Thank you so much for your perseverance, integrity, work-ethic, people-loving nature, your humility and kindness that continue to inspire me — I only hope many more people benefit from your service.


Medical Student

I was in middle of roadblock dealing with family situation at home & professional stagnation, thats when through a referral I consulted Manjiri for coaching. Manjiri has been meteorological in her approach, instead of directly working on the problems or goals, she spend considerable time with me to help discover what I really want, my inherent personalities and then guiding in way that felt natural. I have been able to apply many to of the suggested approach and seen positive outcome. She maintains professional yet friendly relationship, that helps in frank and open communication.



I had approached Mrs. Manjiri Jawadekar when I was Zonal Head of Universal Sompo General Insurance Company Limited. Though I was performing extremely well in my professional role I was extremely dissatisfied with the way I was living my life. Manjiri helped me in identifying the missing blocks which were the cause of dissatisfaction. I was able to align my personal and professional goals through her interventions courtesy which I am now living a happy life the way I wanted. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for her support in getting me out of the terrible and painful life I was living. I would recommend others not to hesitate and Reinvent themselves through a powerful tool -Coaching

Shreyas Kasa


Manjiri your sessions helped me understand my issues and find my own solutions – you opened up my thought process and self awareness -taught me to preserve what was important and deal with the troublesome and unimportant things in a way that was so humane The way you did it was so beautiful -I felt I was talking to myself -thanks for putting me in touch with myself! Wishing you all the best and may you touch many more lives

Saroja Ramadhurai

Partner Resource Bridge

After spending countless hours listening to audio books, podcasts and trying to adopt the best in class frameworks, tools and hacks, to move to the next level in my career, i hit a wall. When i realized that the very things holding me back are the limitations in my own mind, i started looking for a Coach with NLP background to overcome these perceived limitations. I came across Coach Manjiri through her blogs and felt the difference in her approach in the very first discovery call itself and jumped into the coaching program immediately. All through the program, she ensured that i stay committed to the planned actions aligned to my goals and helped me gain self realization on what works for me and what does not. And thats the key to my growth now…..70% of my own experiences combined with 20% analysis/feedback from coach and 10% support from learning resources. Coach MJ helped me to find a balance between working on my strengths and improving on my weaknesses and i have seen tremendous boost in my Job performance and well on my way to overachieve my annual sales targets. She is the best, high performance coach and I strongly recommend her

Sales Manager

Enterprise Cloud Company.

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    • Are you an Entrepreneur or a Leader who has a strong desire to make an impact?
    • Are you someone for whom it's important to thrive at work and not just push through the day?
    • Are you someone who looks forward to leading a purposeful life with a sense of well-being?


    • While you have been successful, are you currently going through a phase where you find yourself engulfed with any of these thoughts on most days?
      • I don’t look forward to working these days!
      • I feel like I am not showing up at work at my best!
      • I know I am being careless about my potential!
      • I don’t feel in charge, grounded!
      • I  am stagnating, stuck in a comfort zone.


    You don’t know, How to go past it? Transform it?

    Then I have a coaching program “Reinvent Yourself” that you may want to read about below.


    Whatever may be your story, rather than looking at the areas you want to transform as "finding solutions for the problems", the approach is learning, evolving, and growing.

    Being the next best version of You, who can powerfully journey forward through various situations.

    In our journey together, the first step would be to shift your focus from the external world to your inner world. Look beyond what you are seeing and are aware of, deepen your self-awareness, and build yourself to be the champion you are wanting to be.

    So the core focus of the program is on Personal Excellence, Reinventing.

    • Reconnecting
    • Breaking Free
    • Personal Mastery


    • You are feeling empowered and expansive from within,  sense a new streak of confidence and freedom because you know you have grown!
    • You are now being more of who you wanted to "Be", as a leader or as a professional, and as an Individual, which at one point in time you did not see as possible!”
    • You are being more effective at work and in other aspects of your life that are important to you.


    • Coaching Duration: 4 months 
    • Investment: Rs 1.5 lakhs
    • Venue: Online Zoom sessions or In-person sessions at our office in Bangalore, Rajajinagar(Opp ISKCON Temple)

    In case you feel this program is something you are looking for and would like to have a conversation, you can fill up the form above and I will get in touch with you.

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