Performance and Life Coaching

The interesting thing about Success is that it is not a destination, it’s a Journey. An ongoing journey. And sometimes the journey can lead us into seasons that we are not prepared for. It can surprise us. But we can keep Reinventing ourselves and keep getting stronger through every season.


When you Reinvent, you Transform; your Energy transforms, your Performance transforms, your Results at work transform!

My biggest joy is in seeing people transform into powerful individuals who are feeling empowered. In case you are and are looking at building yourself and believe that Learning and Growth in an Individual is the key to impactful performances; I can work with You.

 Does that mean I am going to “Change” you? 

No, Reinventing is about growing, evolving, change, and transforming. But you don’t have to change, you don’t have to transform. 

You Change only if you want to. You Transform only if you want to. 

When I say Reinventing I mean;  You learning from your own experiences, You teaching yourself to think for yourself.  You changing what you are seeking to improve,  not what “others” want you to. 

Pro Bono Wednesday Coaching Sessions

Every Wednesday is a Pro Bono session day!
These sessions are for those who are really looking at bringing a change in an area of their life, ready to put in the work to create that change, and yet don’t know how to go about it.
How many sessions can I book?
You can book as many sessions as you want, and based on the availability I can allot you a slot.
Why a Pro Bono session?
The intent of this initiative is that more and more people get an opportunity to build their life through the power of coaching and live life fully.
Who is this Pro Bono session for?
It is for those of you who are not looking at investing in a coaching program currently.
So if you are someone who is probably feeling stuck in an area of life or feeling confused and wish to get clarity or want to think through something, you can book a session with me every Wednesday and begin creating a change you desire.
Book your pro bono session with me here: 
– Manjiri

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