Accelerated Learning Skills Program for Children

Learning has always been an important area for me for as long as I remember.

While as a Coach I work with professionals who have a strong desire to be at their absolute best at work, I am also extremely passionate about working with children to empower them to become confident and independent learners.

Most times we are not aware of how we learn, and our children too might not be or might be finding learning a very laborious process.

Then we ask children to study more, and then, even more, to get good grades.

However, sometimes the struggle that the child is going through is that they don’t know how to Learn or how to Focus.

The pressure of exams and tests takes away their joy of learning and the understanding of what they are learning. Marks and results can begin to impact their confidence in themselves.

What if they discovered their own individual way of learning that helps them?

In case you would like your child to learn easily and feel confident about themselves, about what they have learned, and prepare better for exams then do connect with me by filling in the form below and I will be happy to share more about the Accelerated Learning Skills Program.

Brief details are given below

About the Program

Accelerated learning skills is a program that helps children learn how to learn easily, discover joy in learning, and also prepare well for exams.

It is an Individual one on one coaching program.

Currently, I am working with children in the age group from 9 to 14.

Some of what your children will learn :
    1. Spellings and Vocabulary using the NLP Visual Strategy
    2. Accelerated Reading Skills
    3. Exercises for Whole Brain Learning
    4. Basic Math Strategies
    5. How to Develop a Super Memory
    6. Whole Brain Note Making or Mind Maps
    7. Writing skills 
    8. I will be coaching the children to find their own way to enjoy the Subjects, Preparing for Exams, Boost Confidence, Develop Inner Motivation to study, Enhance the Power of Focus, Develop Empowering Beliefs in academics, Manage time for studying.
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