Hi, my name is Manjiri, and I am a certified Neoway, NLP Life & Performance Coach, Master Coach and Accelerated Learning Skills NLP Coach (Neoway Academy)

    I love to work with people, to support them while they turn around their life.  I work with individuals who seek to build excellence in themselves to make an impact at work and lead a fulfilling life and are currently facing challenges in bringing forth the best in them. 

    I journey with them to help them reinvent themselves and transform their lives.

    I worked with Savim Technologies Pvt Ltd as a Director for more than a decade and continue to be on the board. I joined the company in 1999 as a part of the core team to reinvent & remodel it. The work experience at Savim was extremely rewarding and it honed my leadership skills. I was producing excellent results at work; however, a sense of lacuna started nudging me around 2008. I felt like I wanted to do something more meaningful, something that gave me a sense of inner contentment. I realised I wanted to work with people, as seeing people realise their potential gives me enormous satisfaction. That Aha moment gave me a new focus, and in 2011, after completing certifications, I started my own consulting and training company called Reivent Coaching and Consulting.

    I began working with people to enable them to progress in their careers by helping them develop communication skills and professional behaviours. In the training programs and consulting sessions very often I noticed my clients had wonderful strengths and resources that they were not aware of. They had emotions, habits, and vulnerabilities that they did not realise were holding them back. So I asked myself, do I want to work only at the skill level or go deeper? I realised I wanted to work with people at all levels so that they truly, really, lived a life of joy and fulfillment as they accomplished their goals and worked on their performance. That’s when I discovered NLP and the power of coaching.

    As I worked on my coaching skills I went through my own personal transformation journey that helped me realise the power of my potential. My own experience of being coached was so beautiful that I wanted to reach out to more and more people and see them fulfil their ability.

    I totally believe that each one of us has enormous capabilities and yet limit ourselves as we try to fit in rather than stand out. I trust in embracing our fears and leaping ahead as fear is just an indication that you are alive and not our destiny. I enjoy creating a magical space for people such that when they step in, they stop being okay with life and create a life that gives them an experience of growth and fulfillment.

    I am quiet, calm, stubborn, and tireless in expanding and opening my client’s world. I absolutely love my work and my biggest strength is that through the sessions people begin to see life and experience life differently. My work is an important part of my life, and my life is all about family, work, reading, and exploring culinary skills.

    They say we can either make ourselves miserable or we can make ourselves strong. It takes the same amount of work, and the best part of it is you are the common denominator, and you get to make a choice.

    I too have journeyed with my coach and continue to work on my personal growth. Owning my responsibility to my health, my dreams, and my life was the biggest learning from my coaching sessions with my Coach.

    I realised, it is always “I “