Jolly Good Anger

Jolly Good Anger

Monday, April 22, 2019

Last weekend, I happened to watch the movie “Angry Birds” once again. I must have seen the movie several times, but this time a scene caught my attention.

The film is the story of a Bird’s Island where everyone believes in being calm, happy and merry all the time. There is no place for anyone who gets mad or feels upset.

This lovely peaceful island has visitors, a family of pigs. After befriending the birds, the pigs steal their eggs and run away, rather sail away.   Now everyone wants their eggs back but are not sure how to get them back.

Red, the protagonist bird, who is a sort of an outcast because of his disgruntling nature reminds the other birds that they are the descendants of the dinosaurs and that they should be angry that their eggs were stolen. He demands them not be calm, detached peaceful birds but angry flocking birds, as that is what would help them to build a boat, sail into the sea and get their children back!

True that!

Can you imagine a bunch of happy, playful, sweet birds who are being meditative, calm, and peaceful, build a boat at lightning speed, launch themselves in a catapult, attack and invade invaders on their turf and get their children back? Something in the picture does not seem to fit, isn’t it?

Anger! Have you ever thought of using it as a resource?

I feel we have been conditioned to think of anger as a not useful emotion. I think that is because we associate anger with rage, violence or loudness. But what if anger can be the fuel that skyrockets your mission? What if we can channel that angry energy in a useful way? If feeling angry can get me moving from helplessness to courage, inaction to action then angry is what I would want to be. As long as the intent is fitting me, brings out the best in me, why not be that angry bird?

I love being stubborn when it comes to self-discipline or achieving my goals, so is the emotion good or bad? Well the point is if an emotion propels me towards my mission with 20x speed I feel it is super super powerful!

Watch how Red gets these bunch of birds to change their state to get their children back…. enjoy their sweet anger mania!



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