Performance Coaching for Individuals 

Right now are you at a place where you cannot stop feeling that you have more potential than what you are doing at work?

While at work, do you feel conflicted from the inside and feel a lack of direction and clarity in that context?

Do you wish to have a more purposeful and prosperous experience at work?


Are you someone who has a strong desire to be successful at work? Do you aspire to be super excellent at what you do and be at your best always? And are willing to work on yourself as you believe when learning and growth takes place in an individual, their performance transforms?

Time to Reinvent :  I love to work with people to help them turnaround their life and reinvent themselves.“Reinvent Yourself, Transform your work " is a six-month intensive personal coaching program where I will work with you to breakthrough the challenges that are currently impacting your performance at work and create exceptional results by reinventing yourself and recreating the winning mindset.

To know more and to schedule a discovery session you can connect with me on 8880423157

The Wednesday Pro Bono Coaching Program 

I conduct a pro-bono or a free session once a week on every Wednesday from 2pm to 4pm. This is an online or a face to face session at my office, in Mahalaxmi Layout Bangalore.

This session is for those who are really looking at bringing a change in an area of their life, ready to put in the work to create that change and yet don’t know how to go about it.

So if you are someone who is probably feeling stuck in an area of life like at work or personal life, are feeling dissatisfied and are wondering what next ,or want to manage your emotions better you can book a session with me every Wednesday.

You can book more than one session too and based on the availability I can allot you a slot.

Why free session? The intent of this initiative is that more and more people get an opportunity to build their life through the power of coaching and live life fully.

Who is this free session for? It is for those of you who are not looking at investing in a coaching program currently. It is also for those of you who do not want to engage in an entire coaching program but would like to have a session or couple of them and begin creating a change you desire.

You can schedule for a session this month here

Once you book your slot through the above link I will send you a form and we will have the session as per the booked slot.


Accelerated Learning Skills with NLP

While as a coach I work with professionals who have a strong desire to be at their absolute best at work, I am also extremely passionate about working with children to help them become independent learners.

Mostly we ask children to study more if they are not getting good results in exams. However sometimes the challenge is that they don’t know how to learn or how to focus.

Accelerated learning skills with NLP is a program that helps children learn how to learn and produce fabulous results in exams. It is an individual one on one coaching and teaching program.

Some of what your children will learn :

1. Spellings and Vocabulary using the NLP Visual Strategy
2. Accelerated Reading Skills
3. Exercises for Whole Brain
4. Basic Math Skill Strategies
5. How to develop a Super Memory
6. Whole Brain Note Making or Mind Maps
7. NLP Skills:

- Students will learn to enjoy Subjects Easily, Prepare well for Exams, Boost Confidence & Self Esteem, Develop Inner Motivation to study, Enhance the Power of Focus, Develop Empowering Beliefs in academics, Manage time for studying, Set Academic Goals and Achieve them.

In case you want to know more about the program, do text me on 8880423157 and I will share the Program Brochure with you.