Coaching Programs

This Program will assist you in working through your feelings of stress, burnout, and conflicts in prioritising time such that you create a breakthrough in how you are showing up at work or at home!

Outcomes :

1. Develop the ability to say "Yes" to what you want and "No" to what you don't want

2. Discover what is limiting you and deal with inner conflicts

3. Learn to manage your energy, emotional states and reconnect with yourself

4. Develop powerful routines, habits, and time management disciplines

5. Build and create a sustainable lifestyle that suits you.

Details : 

1. Group session on Saturday, 20th July, 10 am to 1 pm ( 3 Hours)
2. Online coaching support for three months ( 90 Days)
3. A one on one Individual session with me at the end of the first month ( 2 Hours)

(Note : After/before, registration you and I can have a brief conversation on what you could look forward from the program)


Rs 6500/-

You may register here



Next monthly free webinar on

Saturday, 28th Sept, from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm”


The intent of these monthly webinars is to provide an insight into the power of coaching to those of you who wish to create outstanding results at the workplace and other areas of your life and did not know how having a coach can help.

Key Outcomes:

1.Experience the benefit of Thinking with a Coach

2. Identify how coaching helps in creating results and builds desired momentum in life.

3. Discover the power of taking a pause and reflecting within.

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To register for the webinar :

Venue Address: Land Mark: Opp ISKCON temple or Wilson Garden Bangalore.
We will share the exact location pin after registration.