Hello World

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Hi, I am Manjiri from Bengaluru and am delighted to connect with all of you through this platform. Looking forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences here!

I am an MBA graduate and began working in 1999 to help my husband re-establish our business which was in ICU then. My thinking was “Hey, I am a management graduate and this is going to be as super easy as giving exams”.  Being a good student in college (my perception of course), I believed,” When you work hard, you get success”.   But my experience was hardly that, and all the romantic notion of work hard and success will be at your feet was shattered on the first day at work when I received an earful from a vendor and then a customer.   I was tongue tied not knowing how to deal with the situation, and left with a bruised ego.

Though doing business, and managing people were not as simple as I thought it would be, I learnt a lot as I worked in every department.  And together we created our dream business model based on our core working values.  While working with different professionals over a span of twelve years, I noticed, just like me many skilled and qualified professionals were struggling to find their ground as they were unsure of how to handle relationships and communication at work.  And essentially themselves, more than anything else.

By 2010, I was ready to look at something new and my search ended at a programme in Image Consulting.  Throughout the program, I felt something was missing as working on the image of a person felt incomplete. In this new career, I went through a self-doubting journey that had several moments where I felt  I was not good enough.

That’s when NLP happened, and my search for working with people at a deeper level got answered.  Here I wish to mention a special Thank You, to Mr Ashlesh Rao of Neoway Academy because my life transformed by attending his programmes. The inner strength that I experience today is a gift that I have received through his mentorship.

My Aha moment was when I understood that though managing our behaviour in a useful way is something we have learnt since childhood, continuously operating from the idea of impressing someone can be dis-empowering.  I realised that wanting to be liked by all is an elusive illusion, and one of the best ways to be stressed.  Why not be the person who feels congruent on the inside and align it with the environment?

So began my best shot in creating training programmes and coaching professionals on enhancing their personal effectiveness at work with the Power of Presence. You may read more about my work on www.reivent.com and on www.manjiricoach.com

Why Blogging?

As a Trainer, I happen to meet several people, and after the training is over some of them come up to me and speak about their fears and dreams.  What they share is pretty close to what I have gone through or have worked with people in my coaching sessions, but since the opportunity is not available I cannot work any further with them. This used to leave me with a feeling of incompleteness.

So I began to think. What if I could reach out to the participants and share my perspectives, understandings?  That would give me a sense of completion and a satisfaction of having served them well.  Also, what if my sharing could reach out to some professionals who may be wanting to excel in certain areas at work and home? It might make a difference! So I said to myself ….let's write a BLOG!

As I begin to share my blog from today, I understand it may not appeal to everyone, but if this collection of learning can give value to a few of those who visit the site it would be worth contributing.

Happy to be here!