Hi, my name is Manjiri, and I am an NLP, Life & Executive Coach.  I work with leaders, managers, executives, entrepreneurs and interns to produce outstanding results, progress in their career and reach their fullest potential. I also help individuals to experience transformation, sense of well-being, joy and fulfilment at work and in life.

I have worked with Savim Technologies Pvt Ltd as a Director for more than a decade and continue to be on the board. I had joined the company in 1999 as a part of the core team to reinvent & remodel it. The work experience at Savim was extremely rewarding and it honed my leadership skills. I was producing excellent results at work; however, a sense of lacuna started nudging me around 2008. I felt like I wanted to do something more meaningful, something that gave me a sense of inner contentment. I realised I wanted to work with people, as seeing people realise their potential gives me enormous satisfaction. That Aha moment gave me a new focus, and in 2011, after completing certifications, I started my own consulting and training company called Reivent. To know more you may visit www.reivent.com.

I began working with people to enable them to progress in their professional careers by helping them develop their communication skills and professional behaviours. In the training programs and consulting sessions very often I noticed my clients had wonderful strengths and resources that they were not aware of. They had emotions, habits, and vulnerabilities that they did not realise were holding them back. So I asked myself, do I want to work only at the skill level or go deeper? I realised I wanted to work with people at all levels so that they truly, really, lived a life of joy and fulfilment as they accomplished their goals and worked on their performance. That’s when I discovered NLP and the power of coaching. As I worked on my coaching skills I went through my own personal transformation journey that helped me realise the power of my potential. My own experience of being coached was so beautiful that I wanted to reach out to more and more people and see them fulfil their ability.

If you want to experience a brilliant meaningful life and success at work, I would love to partner with you on your journey. To experience the power of coaching, call me on the number below for a free discovery coaching session.

Call me on :  +918880423157
Write to me on :  info@reivent.com