My coaching journey

Hi, my name is Manjiri, and I am a certified Neoway, NLP Life & Performance Coach, Master Coach, and Accelerated Learning Skills NLP Coach 

I love to work with people to help them turn around their life. I work with individuals who have a strong burning desire to excel at work but are currently facing challenges in being at their absolute best. I journey with them to go past the invisible shackles that are holding them back to transform their performance at work while experiencing a sense of wellbeing.

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Why Coaching?

Have you ever had the experience of thinking out aloud and have someone just listen to you wholeheartedly without judging you or giving advice? It is amazing isn’t it? That’s what the process of coaching provides, a space to run freely with ideas, aspirations, fears and move towards getting what you truly want.

It is a powerful tool for achieving outstanding results, change and transformation.

Why Coaching?

  • Because it is a powerful process where two people come together with a purposeful intention of creating excellence. 
  • Because a coach does not instruct but enables you to create and discover. He draws out your innermost thoughts and puts it out in front of you to “re-view” it.
  • Because when there is a mutual commitment to growth and results, that single minded focus creates magic.
why coaching
  • When you choose to work alone since you are not accountable to anyone, your actions may get delayed or you may never step out of the “thinking only” mode.
  • However a coach gives an environment where you will begin to see possibilities, and also provides a structure which creates accountability and encouragement to fuel your determination.